CT Turbine “Inlet” Maintenance

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Cartridge Filter Change-Outs

  • Pressure wash “Filter” tube sheet, floors, & transition
  • Correct rotation and orientation of “Yoke” assemblies (Installed to O.E.M. original design)
  • Furnish & replace yoke assemblies and/or yoke bolts
  • Test and repair puffer system
    • Replace solenoid valves
    • Rebuild diaphragm valves
    • Realign and/or replace compressed air flex connections
  • Caulking and repairs

Panel Filter Change-Outs

  • Mounting modifications: Change 2-point mounting to 4-point mounting system

Evaporative Media Change-Outs (CELdek® & DRIFdek®)

  • Repair water piping system
  • Cut and install new gaskets
  • Install new metering system
  • Furnish meter(s) & storage
  • Calibrate water for evaporative system

Leak Repairs

  • Door gaskets
  • Roof leaks
  • Wall penetration sealing