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Founded in 2001 as a “Filter-Recycling” company, we later realized that the larger quantities of filters were in “Combustion Turbine” generators. Not wanting the liability of recycling CT filters, we elected at first to simply be a “Filter Change-Out” company, using our portable conveyor. We later discovered that our customers were not paying proper attention to the “Inlet” of the CT so we structured our company and employees to take care of everything in a CT Inlet from change-outs, filters and evaporative media, blasting, painting, Puffer system testing and repairs, water balancing and sales. Our company has grown from one conveyor to three with the fourth to be built this winter, during the ‘off’ season of outages. Our employees have built everything we use from the conveyors to the caged baskets that are sometimes used in tight situations.

Our footprint has included as far west as Reno, Nevada, as far south as Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and tentatively Homestead this winter. We have performed several filter change-outs in New York, Wisconsin, Michigan and of course throughout the south.

Safety is our number one goal…..it is one of our keys to success!